Monsters Among Us

Cinefantastique V01#03

Cinefantastique: Published Frederick S. Clarke. Fall 1970 - present.   Issues 2 & 3 had two printings the first one being in black & white and the second being in color.

Vol 1 #3 1971 Oriental fantasy from Daiei: Toho Films may have cornered the monster market, but Daiei is their leading competitor in the land of the rising sun.

Portrait Of Jennie: A retrospect: Despite its cost ($4,000,000), its two long years production, its enchanting story, its credible performances, and its spectacular climax (the special effects won the film an Academy Award), it was an unfortunate critical, then box office flop. Yet, it is in may ways a remarkable film, perhaps one of the most exquisite fantasy films ever made, and certainly too long unseen and neglected.

News & Notes: Albert S. D' Agostino: A tribute; Mamoulian: On his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Film reviews: THX 1138, The Mephisto Waltz, Simon King Of The Witches, The Andromeda Strain, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes, The Phantom Tollbooth, Brewster McCloud, Alex In Wonderland, The Night Visitor.

In VG/FN condition, average wear.

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