Monsters Among Us

Cinefantastique V02#02

Cinefantastique: Published Frederick S. Clarke. Fall 1970 - present.  

Vol 2 #2 - 1972

Dialogues on Apes, Apes and more Apes: Dale Winogura goes behind the scenes to delve into the making of a film series by interviewing nearly everyone creativeky involved in the production of the Planet Of The Apes films. What evolves is a unique production history with some startling insights into science fiction filmmaking.

Silent Running: Or where have all the forests gone?: Kay Anderson and Shirley Meech sought out star Bruce Dern and director Douglas Trumbull to discuss their exciting new science fiction film concerning the impending ecological disaster facing mankind. Wake up and listen.

A chat with Peter Cushing about dracula today: The veddy veddy British actor who has made a career of playing Dr. Van Helsing, Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes discusses Hammer Films' new approach to their Dracula series.

On the filming of Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes: Dale Winogura tagged along with director J. Lee Thompson & Co to discover that what looks very exciting on the big movie turns out to be a lot of hard work.

On the set of Phibes II: Chris Knight and Peter Nicholson visit the filming of Dr. Phibes Rises Again to chat with Director Robert Fuest and actors Robert Quarry, Vincent Price and Valli Kemp concerning AIP's new tongue-in-cheek aproach to the horror film.

Film reviews: A Clockwork Orange, El Topo, Macbeth, Silent Running, The Year Of The Cannibals, Z.P.G.

CONDITION: FN condition, very small spine split, average wear.

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