Monsters Among Us

Monsters From The Vault #06

Monsters From The Vault - Issue #6 - 1998

Whom the gods would destroy, Part II: A profile of the ''Mad Scientist'' from the classic and not so classic films of Poverty Row and the 1940s and the various approaches that the actors brought to their roles.
The Vampire's Ghost: Vampires and Voodoo on the Dark Continent: A look at this unique Poverty Row sleeper, which possesses above-average intelligence and is both entertaining and thought-provoking.
Zombies B.R. (Before Romero): The Evolution of the Zombie in Horror Films: A tour of the cinematic history of zombie films before Romero's classic hit the screens in 1968.
Victory, vampires, and villains: Horror Films as Propaganda During World War II: A discussion of the effect war had on horror films and how they were used as propaganda during the 1940s.
Enter my dream: Cortlandt Hull's Witch's Dungeon: A visit to New England's first and only museum of Classic Horror.

In VF/NM condition.  This issue is SOLD OUT from the publisher.

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