Monsters Among Us

Monsters From The Vault #22

Issue #22 - Summer 2006

BELA LUGOSI AS FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER: The Context and Text of a Performance by Scott Berman. MFTV's newest scribe, Scott Berman, spotlights Bela Lugosi's much maligned performance in 1943's Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man.
LUGOSI AND KARLOFF IN 1939 by Greg Mank. Longtime MFTV scribe Greg Mank spotlights the careers of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in 1939, between the filming of Son of Frankenstein and Black Friday. This article is an excerpt from Bela LUGOSI and KARLOFF (Greg's expanded and updated version of his 1990 book Karloff and Lugosi: A Haunting Collaboration).
UNIVERSAL WEEKLY: House Organ of Horror Part II by Gary D. Rhodes and Galen Wilkes. Author Gary Rhodes (assisted by Galen Wilkes) completes his examination of Universal Weekly, the official house trade publication of Universal Studios in the 1930s. The article offers anecdotes and pictures from the forgotten publication, which promoted most of the key horror films of the time.
APE FIENDS OF THE SILENT ERA, PART I by Gary L. Prange. In the mid-1920s, apes were everywhere. Evolution was still debated in science academies, in the courtroom, and in the nation's newspapers. In an abridged chapter from his upcoming book, Symphony of Horror: How the Horror Film Came to Be, Gary looks at some of the earliest films that featured apes and humans with ape-like features as vicious killers.
WAY OF THE THEME KILLER by Brian Smith. Brian explores the world of the 'Theme Killer' in his look at some of the cinema's most creative killers. Among the films discussed are And Then There Were None, The Brighton Strangler, Theater of Blood, The Abominable Dr. Phibes, and Dr. Phibes Rises Again.
FILMS FROM THE VAULT: DVD Reviews by Mark Clark. Reviews of The King Kong Collection, The Val Lewton Horror Collection, The War of the Worlds: Special Collector's Edition, The Flesh Eaters, The Horror of Party Beach, and The Curse of the Living Corpse.
BOOKS FROM THE VAULT: Reviews by David Colton and Bruce Dettman. Books reviewed are The Films of Fay Wray, King Kong Cometh! The Evolution of the Great Ape, and Beating the Devil: The Making of Night of the Demon.


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