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Outer Limits, The - Vol. 1 - Box Set

The Outer Limits - Box Set - Volume One

1963 - 420 min - B/W - Not Rated -  4 discs

Country: USA
Genre: TV Series

Misused inventions, interplanetary communication, and warped time peculiarities permeate the 1960s science fiction anthology program THE OUTER LIMITS. Created by Leslie Stevens, the program gained a rabid cult following and influenced a myriad of sci-fi that would follow, including a second OUTER LIMITS series in the 1990s. This collection from the original series comprises the entire first season which is full of political allegory as well as prophetic visions. 

Episodes include: The Galaxy Being, The Architects of Fear, The Mutant, Fun & Games, Demon With A Glass Hand, Soldier, Cold Hands, Warm Heart, The Chameleon

CONDITION of JACKET: FN, soft corners with minimal scuffing on box.

CONDITION of DISC(S): FN has a small light mark on side 7 episode Cold Hands, Warm Heart that doesn't affect play.

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